“I purchased a bag of the Pollinator Mixture from Elk Mound Seed this February at a garden conference. Chad provided me with information about planting. My husband and I planted the seed in March just before a snow storm on an adjacent empty lot. We also mixed in some other annual flower seeds we had around. And then we waited. I kept watching and finally in late spring I recognized the leaves of the lupine and I knew that something was going to come up. And it did. All spring, summer and fall I kept discovering new flowers in our meadow. I have never had so much fun gardening. Even though the soil was very poor we had very good germination rate with this pollinator mix. We had a number of the perennial plants that bloomed in the first year. We can’t wait to see what it look like in year two. We did do some weeding to give the new plants a chance, but it was often when I was weeding that I would discover some of the new plants. The meadow attracted native bees, honey bees, birds, butterflies all summer and fall. Its the end of October and I still have lots of flowers blooming and pollinators enjoying the result.”

Ellen T. (Eau Claire, WI)

Elk Mound Seed’sĀ knee-hi wildflower mix pictured below. Details of Project.

Details of Pollinator Plot

  • Planted in Eau Claire early Spring 2017
  • Slightly shaded area