Virginia Wildrye (Elymus virginicus)

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Virginia Wildrye (Elymus virginicus)

From $14.99

A cool season, perennial bunch grass

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This seed is sold as pure live seed (PLS). Pure live seed is the percentage of pure and viable seed in a given lot.

  • Scientific name: Elymus virginicus
  • A cool season, perennial bunch grass.
  • Virginia wildrye will tolerate a wide range of soil textures, from coarse sands to heavy clay.
  • It is similar to Canada wildrye in appearance, but is typically shorter in height.
  • Grows 2-3 feet in height.
  • Palatable and nutritious forage for large game animals such as deer.
  • Can be mixed with warm season grasses for restoration and conservation plantings.
  • Color may vary from green to silvery blue, and foliage often has a waxy appearance.
  • Shade tolerant and is equally at home in open grasslands and prairies as it is in wooded sites.
  • Seed should be planted in early fall approximately ¼ to ½ inch deep in heavy soils, and up to 1 inch deep in sandy soils.

Seeding Rate

Broadcast at 20 lbs/acre (PLS)
Drilled at 10-15 lbs/acre (PLS)

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1lb – $14.99, 5lb – $59.95, 25lb – $249.00


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