How should I store my unused seed?

We recommend ordering what is needed for the year. However, if you do have extra seed left over store in a cool dry place. Make sure your seed is stored in a secure plastic bag so insects and bugs cannot locate your seedlings.

With proper storage you should not lose more than 5% germination per year.

When will my wildflowers bloom?

Bloom time of wildflowers are based on plant characteristics, the geographic location, and other mother nature factors. A large majority of wildflowers will bloom in the spring and summer with a smaller amount blooming in the fall.

Some wildflowers take into the second year, and even third year, after planting to bloom so patience is required when planting wildflowers.

Do I have to fertilize wildflowers?

Fertilizing is not necessary for wildflowers, however, if you want to use a fertilizer low in nitrogen. High nitrogen fertilizers will encourage grass growth.

How many seeds per packet/pound/etc?

This answer depends on seed size of particular specie. Some species have more seeds per pound than others, which means one pound will cover more area than species with less seeds per pound.

Each product will have seed counts in the product description.

What is my seeding rate?

Each specie of seed has it’s unique seeding rate depending on seed size, plant size, row spacing, etc. When viewing each product, located the seeding rate information in the product description to understand coverage area.

How long for shipping at Elk Mound Wildflowers?

We use UPS, USPS and SpeeDee for shipments. Average transit time is 2-9 business days. Most product will ship from our midwest warehouse, however, some product will ship from multiple warehouses.

Expedited shipping at request only. Please email

Do I have to consider my soil type?

Unless your soil is actually sterile, which is rare, it is recommended that you use your soil as you find it. Wildflowers, as we see on every roadside, are extremely adaptable. However, your soil is heavy clay, you can till in sand to loosen it. If anything is growing in the area — even if it’s just grasses or weeds — the area should support wildflowers with the soil just as you found it. Wildflowers may be adaptable, but they’re not magic.